Help families like Dylan’s

“Me and my mom moved into a new apartment a couple of weeks before I was starting in my new school. When we moved we only had a bed and a kitchen table with a couple of chairs. We also had a suitcase with some clothes. My counsellor at the shelter told me that they were going to make sure we get everything we need and they helped us get furniture – including my own bed! They gave me gift cards so I could pick out my own clothes so I went shopping with my mom. And they gave me a new backpack with Spiderman on it!” – Dylan

It might surprise you to learn that every year in Canada, 100,000 women and children leave their homes to escape violence. And 60% of the people living at our shelter are children.

Back-to-school can be a stressful time for many of our families:

  • children are often starting in a new school after safety concerns required them to move away from a familiar neighbourhood
  • mom may not be able to afford school supplies or clothes after leaving the financial security of a violent home

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