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At North York Women’s Shelter, we know that women who are living with violence and poverty face major barriers, the number one barrier being safe, affordable housing. The average cost of housing in Toronto has risen dramatically, and the impact is seen everyday in our shelter. With an average stay time of almost a year, families who are ready to move into their own homes are still living in the shelter for one key reason: Shortage of Housing.

We have developed a comprehensive plan that will free up bed space in our emergency shelter, shortening our wait times and allowing us to serve more families.

With the launch of our $4.5 million capital campaign, we will expand our services by creating transitional housing and support, offering families the independence they deserve.

Transitional programming:

In August of 2012, we completed the first goal of our campaign and opened a new North York Women’s Shelter Head Office. This head office provides us a visible space in our community to offer our Transitional Support Services. From immigration assistance to job support, housing and legal support, active programming and counselling groups; we are here to serve the community.

Transitional stage housing:

Transitional apartment units will provide families fleeing violence with safe and affordable housing along with access to support, helping families transition to independent living while freeing beds in our emergency shelter for families in immediate need.

We have a plan, we need your help. To find out how you can bring Hope to families fleeing violence, contact:

Charlene Catchpole,

Executive Director

416.638.7335 Ext. 232


Sojie Tate,

Capital Campaign Coordinator

416.638.7335 Ext. 235


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