Sponsor A Family 2019

Thank you Santa!

Though thank you doesn’t even begin to describe the degree of gratitude that I feel towards the benefactor who put together such a generous gift for my family and me.

 Beyond your gifts, you have given me something absolutely priceless and precious – the feeling of being worthy, of being valued, of being deserving, which is no small feat for any woman who has gone through abuse in her life, and like me, was continuously put down by her abuser, to the point of actually believing that I was worthless.

 Your generosity makes me believe in the goodness of people again, and the respect you have shown me by so carefully acknowledging my wishes, is truly moving.

With many thanks from Keisha


We are currently accepting applications from community members/groups who wish to support a family of women and their children this holiday season. To ensure each family receives a meaningful gift, we require a minimum value of $75 in donated gift cards per family member. Gift card donations are tax-receiptable.

How to participate:

  1. Register by completing the Donor Participant Form.
  2. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be matched with a family and provided with a wish list of stores and interests.
  3. Or if you prefer, you can make your tax-receiptable donation directly to our Sponsor a Family fund  and we will purchase gift cards on your behalf.

 Important Information:

  • To ensure each family receives a meaningful gift we require a minimum of $75 in total value of gift cards to be donated per family member.
  • To receive a tax receipt each donor must provide a name and mailing address with the value of each donated gift card at the time the gift cards are dropped off.


To learn more about the program, please contact Melissa at melissa@nyws.ca or 416-638-7335 x 235.






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