I moved to Toronto to live with a man who told me he loved me. Soon after my arrival the verbal abuse started and then the physical violence. I didn’t know what to do, I was so far away from family and friends who could help me and, with a child to support, I couldn’t afford to move out on my own. I felt too ashamed to tell anyone and I didn’t think anyone would believe me anyway because he was so friendly to everyone. The physical violence was getting worse – in just a few months I’d already had a concussion and a broken rib.

But that after he threatened my son and our dog I decided it was time to leave.

We left everything behind. When we arrived at the shelter we were offered a cup of tea, pyjamas, new sheets and blankets and even a dog bed for Charlie. We felt so welcomed and safe.

Later I found out that everything we’d been given that night and even the beds we slept in were purchased with donations. I was so grateful to know that so many people cared about me and my son.

Your tax-receiptable donation today will help us create a warm, welcoming home at the new, North York Women’s Shelter. Donations will be used to buy beds, mattresses, cribs, dishes, cookware and utensils, tables, chairs and more.

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