• The Impact of Violence

    Learn more about the many impacts of violence and abuse on women and children. The issue of violence is complex and the more that is known about it, the more effectively we can intervene and prevent it.

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  • HER Campaign

    "As our understanding of the services needed by women who experience violence grows, we recognize that the needs of our residents have shifted and grown; demanding a more complex, evidence-based and holistic response from us as an organization and as a society" - Mohini Datta-Ray, Executive Director, NYWS

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  • Support NYWS

    "I encourage you to support our work. I am proud to be the Board Chair of NYWS, an organization that is striving to be a leader in meeting the evolving and increasingly complex needs of the vulnerable women and children we serve." - Michele Robitaille, Chair, Board of Directors for NYWS

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A place of healing, empowerment, and refuge for women and their children who are survivors of violence and abuse.