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Expressive Arts Therapy at NYWS

The Expressive Arts Therapy program (EA) at North York Women’s Shelter is a trauma informed and client-focused process towards supporting residents, former residents and the community of North York towards promoting emotional growth and healing. Expressive Arts Therapy uses intermodal, approach to counseling by integrating all the artistic expressions such as music, theater, poetry, dance, writing, drawing or other artistic form that uses the individual’s innate creativity.  Art is used as a therapeutic tool to help initiate change or self-reflection.

The intermodal approach to a creative process that is low skill and high sensitivity is the foundation to support our clients in their personal journeys overcoming variety of challenges; whether they be psychological, emotional, behavioral, or associated with life traumas, relationships or transitions.

Casa de Paso

Visit our interactive website for creative testimonials and more resources:

Casa de Paso is an interactive platform of digital docu-narratives by seven women and children residents of North York Women’s Shelter in partnership with conSECUENCIAS collective. The stories illustrate the past, present and future of women and children living in Toronto’s shelter system fleeing intimate partner violence.


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