Stand with a Family

Our Stand with a Family program gives the wonderful people in our community an opportunity to donate gift cards to families- ensuring that survivors we support can purchase gift for themselves and their families to celebrate the giving season. The list of gift cards we come up with is selected after careful deliberation with residents. As with everything we do here at NYWS, we always center the survivor and listen to how we can support them.


To donate gift cards to survivors is a powerful gesture from the community to NYWS residents that centers them and says, “we hear you and we want to support you in the way you asked.”


This year we have 50 families counting on your generosity. We want to give you the opportunity to stand with a family again this year in the hopes that we are able to provide the gift cards in early December- so that families can purchase what they need for the holidays, when they need it.


If you'd like to register to be matched with a family and support them during the giving season, click here.


Once we receive your registration, we will match you with a family and send you information about the family you are supporting to help you pick out gift cards to match their wish list.


You can also donate directly to NYWS and we will purchase the gift cards on your behalf. Let NYWS do the work by clicking here.