Our Centre

Re-imagining support, services and advocacy for women experiencing violence.

Our new, secure, fully accessible 24,000 square foot complex consists of two distinct but linked buildings. This welcoming, evidence-based design is a first for anti-violence shelters in Canada.

Our new Anti-Violence
Community Collective

NYWS Community Collective offers wrap around services to women within the North York community who have or are experiencing violence.

Emergency Shelter

Our 17-room shelter provides
women, their children and
even pets with a dignified
residential experience.

"Something that I love about the North York Women’s Shelter is how you are treated as an individual. It is not that you are a woman who is passing through and is having difficult times. They actually have that connection with women and children and throughout my 5 months I have experienced a million times. When I would just ask for help or support in any way and it would be given including my choices from immigration to housing, to education and finances. Everything, like whatever I needed."


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