Ashley became connected to NYWS through one of our community members and mobilizers, Hayley Gibson. Ashely has been a monthly donor with us since 2020 and her support has helped us navigate the pandemic. She also supported two families in our Stand with a Family program the past two years and gave them a boost over the holidays. We’re so happy to have community members like Ashley. Thank you for giving us insight into your connection with NYWS!



Why did you become a monthly donor?

I first heard about NYWS through the Birds of North America Instagram page. I am a fan of Hayley Gibson’s designs and work to make ethical clothing. She would post about the organization and encouraged her followers to think about supporting as well. As soon as I read about NYWS I knew I wanted to support. 

Why NYWS? (What in particular made you want to support NYWS)

There’s a few reasons I wanted to support NYWS. The organization not only provides a safe place for people experiencing gender violence but also a warm and welcoming space that provides multiple resources and amenities for survivors. My mother grew up in a home with violence and so has always encouraged us to support organizations that provide a safe place for survivors to go. 

What is your favorite part of being a monthly donor?

My favourite part of being a monthly donor is knowing that my contribution is going toward such an important organization. I also appreciate how inclusive and transparent NYWS is and enjoy receiving communication from the organization.