Kyoka is one of our cherished NYWS Volunteers. She has jumped at every opportunity to support NYWS in any capacity- from helping us organize our inventory to supporting us with our special events. She is always positive, upbeat, and her cheerfulness is infectious. We’re so happy to have her as a volunteer and member of the NYWS community.

How are you connected to NYWS?

I am mainly doing inventory volunteer, but I occasionally do their event volunteer and other types of volunteer work as well.

What does community mean to you?

Community means a group of people who are connected to have something in common, but more than that, community means supporting and helping each other when members are facing some difficulty.

What is something you learned about yourself in the last year that you didn’t know before?

I did not know that I can think positively more than before when I was in challenging situations. I used to get depressed and upset when things didn’t go the way I wanted or when things went in a negative direction, but it seems that I have recently acquired an optimistic attitude to think positively.

What inspires you?

People who are challenging new things and nice sunny weather.

Name 3 things you think our community needs right now?

Connections, Budgets, and Bright Plans