January 24, 2020

Launching The NYWS Fight For Justice Campaign

Everybody is impacted by violence.

There is a tolerance for gender-based violence in this country that must be addressed.

Several systems of oppression exist in our communities that create violence and allow it to thrive. These systems include white supremacy, misogyny, transphobia, classism and many other forms of discrimination. In order to stop gender-based violence, we need to fight for justice wherever it is needed and we need to take meaningful action to address each of these oppressive systems.

How can we do this? NYWS is about to launch a new program that will help you be louder and take more meaningful actions in the fight against misogyny in all of its forms. How will it work?

Step one:

Click here to sign up


Step two:

In just a few weeks, you will start receiving email action alerts from NYWS. These emails will direct you towards online actions that you can take to help create meaningful change. Examples include petitions for you to sign, actions you can take, and resources for you to circulate with your community in our push for justice.

And it’s that simple. Every month, you will receive a new online action. We just need you to sign it, share it, and talk about it with your community.

Click here to get started